Moosical fun for your little one!

Offering fun and interactive MOOsical sessions for babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers. Music is an essential part of every child's development and the 125 original Moo Music songs used at the sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. The interactive sessions will help your baby or child gain confidence and develop memory, language and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable and multi-sensory way. Farmer Laura

Helloo I'm Laura the newest member of Maggie Moo Music and we are coming to Noosa and surrounds really soon. I am soooo excited!

A bit about us...

We love what we DOO here at Moo! We bring Passion, energy and a Positive, Happy, FUN vibe to each and every session.

So it's no secret that kids these days are loving their technology a little bit too much. I feel like we are living an increasingly disconnected life and the stresses and pressures of living with kids during lockdowns has been enormous. As a result they have become Masters of ipads, phones and Tv remotes. Most toddlers I know are pretty skilled at navigating an ipad and not so great at regulating emotions and playing outside and being bored.

Maggie Moo is the opposite of technology. It's a chance for the whole family to sing, dance, play, get messy and most of all to have fun together and to form those really important human connections that we have all been missing recently.

If this resonates with you please register your interest by sending me a message and following me on Facebook and Instagram which is where I will be letting you know when and where classes will be. Please tag your friends with little ones and stay tuned for more details coming soon! Can't wait to meet you.

Mixed Moo with Maggie Moo Music Noosa Mixed Moo is coming to Noosa and Surrounds!! These are great sessions for friends with children of different ages, or a joint sibling activity. We use singing, movement, games, sensory play, creative role play and instruments all set to the fantastic and original Moo songs. Exploring many of the areas of the Early Years Learning Framework, the children have so much fun, they don't even realise they're learning. Mixed Moo is a fantastic class for developing personal and social skills as children interact with one another. All activities are appropriate according to ages and ability of the children in the group.

Messy Moo with Maggie Moo Music Noosa Messy Moo is coming to Noosa and Surrounds!! Children just love Messy Moo and so do parents/carers who don't have to clean up! Messy Moo Sessions are developed specially for children up to 6 years. These sessions promote sensory explorations, foster imagination, enhance colour recognition, encourage experiments and create a positive attitude towards new experiences. Most importantly, babies and children get to explore in conjunction with our educational Maggie Moo Music which further enhances their learning experience!! So, join us for Messy Moosical Fun for your little one!!

Baby Moo with Maggie Moo Music Noosa Baby Moo is a music and sensory session aimed at babies from birth until they are confidently walking. The benefits of sensory activities and music for babies are scientifically proven. Every area of the brain is stimulated when babies engage in musical activity. Music helps develop communication and language skills, physical competence, social skills, creativity and imagination as well as being a lovely, fun to way to interact with your little one. There is something to learn in every Maggie Moo Music song as they have been developed by a team of early childhood education experts and professional musicians. At Baby Moo we use singing and age appropriate instruments and props. The exploration of sound, repetition of songs and activities such as keeping a steady beat will develop a lifelong love of music in your little one.

Mobile Moo with Maggie Moo Music Noosa If you're part of a Mothers group who meet regularly maybe Maggie Moo music could be part of your catch up? We tailor the session to the childrens ages and bring everything we need to create a truly rewarding session in your home or play centre. It's a great way to experience Maggie Moo Music together! We set up and clear up so its a no hassle experience for the Host.

A bit about Laura! Originally from South-Africa, I lived and studied in London for a few years before emigrating to Perth to settle down and start my family. I have 3 gorgeous children and we have been living in Noosa for about 12 years. I have a background in Computer Science but didn't love it so after all of my children had started school I decided to follow my passion and retrained to be an Early Childhood Educator. I have worked in my own Family Daycare as well as in Childcare Centres over the past 6 years. What I realised is that the passion I have for children and my community is where I specifically want to focus my energy and now have the amazing and exciting opportunity to do what I really love and that is to play and have fun!