Moosical fun for your little one:

Maggie Moo Music offer music and movement classes for 0 - 5 year old's. In a session you can expect lots of singing, dancing, musical instruments, parachute play, bubbles and learning all to our much loved Moo Music original songs.

A typical class will run for approximately 35-40 minutes and will showcase a set playlist of about 12 Moo Music songs. This playlist is used for about 4-6 weeks (depending on the term length). Moo Music classes are structured so that we play the same few key songs at the beginning and end of our sessions and mix it up in the middle every half term. As these are often new songs, it is important to give our little ones time to learn the music and the movement activities. Our little Moovers actually love repetition and it is so very beneficial for their learning too.

Music is an essential part of every child's development and the 125 original Maggie Moo Music songs used at the sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational.

What do we offer?

  • Baby and Mixed age Music and Movement classes for 0 - 5 years at The Mawson Centre in Mawson Lakes (scroll down for timetable)

  • Child Care and Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens
  • Playgroups
  • Online content. Check our FB page to join our online group

    Send us an email to book Moo Music for your ELC, Kindergarten or Playgroup or complete our enquiry form located at the bottom of our page. We would love to hear from you!

    A bit about us...

    Hello everyone, I’m Michelle and I own and operate Maggie Moo Music in the postcodes 5092, 5093, 5095, 5096, 5097 and 5098.

    I have a background in Primary School teaching. However, after moving interstate and having my beautiful daughter Adalind, I found a real passion for early childhood development and the amazing benefits that music and movement activities have for our little ones.

    Please feel free to contact me for any questions or inquiries. [email protected]

    What are the benefits of regularly attending a music and movement class with my little one?

    Let me start by emphasising that the role of the parent/caregiver participating in the music and movement activities will increase the benefits for your little one and increase the enjoyment level for you both!

    There is so much research which shows how babies and children benefit from being sung to. Babies and toddlers pick up on our vocabulary from our repetitive use of words using different tones and rhythm. Singing songs is an effective way to teach your little one how to articulate their words, expand their vocabulary and enunciate clearly. We are giving them the building blocks for communication.

    Our music and movement classes encourage your little one to build coordination. Our catchy songs invite your child to dance and move their bodies. Movement activities such as jumping up and down assist with their muscle development, strength and balance.

    • Building language vocabulary and assisting with speech development

    • Developing listening skills, memory retention and increasing attention span

    • Assists development of gross and fine motor skills

    • Improves coordination and sense of rhythm

    • Socialisation and bonding

    • Repetition is key! Our little ones need that repeat exposure to an experience in order to really benefit and learn from it.

      The first class can often be overwhelming and this is normal. It can take up to a full term of regular classes before you start to see your child actively interact with the activities. I promise it is worth it!

      Our little ones are not going to be actively involved in our class all the time. This is normal. Your little ones are welcome to wander around the room during our class as long as they are being safe. I encourage you to invite them back to the group every so often but it is better for them to want to join in as opposed to us making them. Even though it may not look like they are engaging in the class while wandering the room, they actually are taking in more than we think. They are still listening to the music, possibly moving to the music in their own way and often socialising with other children in the group. So don't stress, each little one is different and as long as they are happy and having fun in a SAFE way, then that is more than okay!