Moosical fun for your little one:

Maggie Moo Music is a great fun and interactive regular music session for 0 to 5 year old children and their parents, grandparents or carers too, where the children sing, dance and play. Music is an essential part of every child's development and the 125 original Moo Music songs used at the sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. The interactive sessions will help your child gain confidence and develop memory, language and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable and multi-sensory way. It's a great way to make new friends - both for the children and the adults too!

A bit about us...

Welcome to maggie moo music (Belmont). My name is Nivetha , I am the local Maggie Moo Farmer for Belmont and surrounding areas. I am so excited to bring the magic of music , fun, play to your little ones.

I am a Mother of an active three year old daughter with alot of passion towards Music. I have been involved with Music since childhood. Being a mum Myself, I know the importance of music especially during the early years where the development of the brain is phenomenal. As well, children who are actively involved with music from an early age are more likely to speak clearly and develop a strong vocabulary, reasoning, spatial awarness and fine motor skills.

We have different interesting themes for each sessions with lot of fun and play.

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones to engage in some moosical fun together!

Baby Moo3

Birth to walking

Baby Moo is a calm music session aimed at babies from birth until they are confidently walking. The benefits of sensory activities and music for babies are scientifically proven. Every area of the brain is stimulated when babies engage in musical activity. Music helps develop communication and language skills, physical competence, social skills, creativity and imagination as well as being a lovely, fun to way to interact with your little one. There is something to learn in every Maggie Moo Music song as they have been developed by a team of early childhood education experts and professional musicians. At Baby Moo we use singing and age appropriate instruments and props. The exploration of sound, repetition of songs and activities such as keeping a steady beat will develop a lifelong love of music in your little one.

Mixed Moo

All ages up to 6 years old

These are great sessions for friends with children of different ages, or a joint sibling activity. We use singing, movement, games, sensory play, creative role play and instruments all set to the fantastic and original Moo songs. Exploring many of the areas of the Early Years Learning Framework, the children have so much fun, they don’t even realise they're learning. Mixed Moo is a fantastic class for developing personal and social skills as children interact with one another. All activities are appropriate according to ages and ability of the children in the group.

Mobile Moo

The Music session that comes to yoo!

If you're part of a Mothers’ group who meet regularly maybe Maggie Moo music could be part of your catch up? We tailor the session to the children’s ages and bring everything we need to create a truly rewarding session in your home or play centre. It's a great way to experience Maggie Moo Music together! We set up and clear up so it’s a no hassle experience for the Host. Available now

So, join us for Messy Moosical Fun for your little one!!