What Doo We Doo at Maggie Moo Music

We Sing:

Maggie Moo Music is based around 100 very catchy songs with clever tunes and simple yet effective lyrics. The songs are loved by children, parents and carers. Sometimes Moo-ers get funny looks when singing them out at the top of their voices... in the post office queue! There’s more about the different songs on the Why Doo Moo? page and you can hear some samples on the farm home page.

We Moove:

Many of the songs introduce children to types of dance while others just require the children to run around. Coming to a Moo Session may leave you very tired by the end.

We Play:

The whole session is really a structured playtime for children but included within the sessions are some game songs which they really enjoy. Game songs are a great way for children to learn simple directions and commands.

We Learn:

There is something for children to learn in every song - both physically and mentally. Although ultimately a fun session, the team of child education specialists behind Maggie Moo Music have ensured that a wide range of basic skills are incorporated into the sessions.

We Have Fun:

Ultimately this is what it’s all about. The fact that children learn skills and exercise is just a bonus to the fun they’re having. 

We Love It:

It’s the highlight of the week for many children who attend. They sing the songs at home and in the car but it’s not the same as when we all come together. It really is a special time.

  • “My 3yr old son has been going to Moo Music for a term now and he absolutely loves it. He enthusiastically sings and dances along and is full of smiles for the whole session. He really enjoys the “finding” games in particular. Definitely the best toddler class I’ve been to for keeping attention and developing their physical, social and creative abilities as well as being great fun.”

  • “My daughters love singing and dancing to Moo Music and ask for it to be played in the car all the time. They can’t wait until Friday knowing they are going to Moo Music.”

  • “I went to two Moo Music sessions last week as a visiting granny and hugely enjoyed it! Every day since I have found myself singing one or two different songs - yesterday the 'fingers' song, today 'Mind how you go' and later 'We're going to the seaside'. I wish I lived closer to my Grandchildren so I could take them every week!”

  • “My child loves coming to Moo Music. She asks to come every day. She also loves singing the songs at home.”

  • “Thankyou for our free taster session today. My daughter loved it. It is a far more mobile music group than others I have attended, which is fantastic because she loves to move & dance around to music, as well as sing :-)”

  • “Thank you so much for our taster session yesterday, Ethan absolutely LOVED IT!! I have to warn you though I have got the songs going round and round in my head as I text!!! Lol”