Meet the Team

The Australian Maggie Moo Music team are all very excited about cultivating the farm down-under. We'll be having loads of Moo fun bringing Maggie Moo Music to the ears and hearts of Australians.

Carolyn Dufton


Australian Head Farmer. With 25 years experience in franchising and mum to 2 grown up kids, Carolyn is all set to grow Maggie Moo Music Australia.

Jessica Dando


The indispensable Jess is involved in all aspects of running Moo HQ. Her Diploma in Early childhood education is a great asset to Moo HQ.

Belinda Jackson


State Farmer (NSW), passion for marketing and business, and mum to 3.. Belinda is excited to be on the team to grow Moo in Australia.



The first Maggie Moo Music farmer in Australia. After experiencing the magic of Moo in her Scottish homeland, she was excited to bring Moo to Australia when she moved here in 2015.

Maggie Moo Farmer

State Franchisor

We have a few state farming positions available. If you think you have what it takes to be on the team and help us grow Moo in Australia, then contact us today!

Maggie Moo Farmer

Maggie Moo Farmer

Opportunities exist for local area franchisees, also affectionately called farmers. If you think running Maggie Moo Sessions and Moo Doos in your area sounds good, contact us today!

Meet some of the UK originators, creators, consultants and advisory team for Moo Music.

John Doe


The multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter (who wrote all of the Moo Music songs) and father of 3.

Nix Maxwell


The ideas man, facilitator, musician, marketer and father of 2.

Nix Maxwell


The NNEB (national nursery examination board) qualified session running consultant, musician, singer and mother of 2.

Nix Maxwell


The incredible illustrator that brought Maggie Moo, Ollie Oink, Doris Duck and Henry Horse to life.